Jessie has been salsa dancing since October of 2004. She began her dancing career under the tutelage of Joseph Snowhawk in Arvada, CO. After a year of private and group lessons from both Joseph Snowhawk and Eric Freeman of Boulder, CO, Jessie began teaching on her own. 

In 2005, Jessie began assisting Eric Freeman with all levels of his group classes. This led Jessie to organizing her own beginner and intermediate classes in 2007 at Kake's Studio in Boulder. In 2014 Jessie became a licensed Zumba instructor.

In addition to her teaching career, Jessie is a vibrant dancer. In 2011 she performed with Salsako Dance Company, in 2013 she performed with the acclaimed salsa dancer Diana Sanchez. Jessie is well-versed in a variety of salsa styles including LA style, Cumbia, Timba, Son and New York style as well as Cha-cha, Merengue, Bachata and Regeton.

Throughout Jessie's college career, she took many dance classes that have influenced her salsa style and teaching. While at Naropa University, she studied African Dance, Contact Improvisation and Modern Dance.  At CU-Boulder, she studied Afro-Cuban Dance with Neri Torres of Cuba. At MSU Denver (Metro State) Jessie studied Ballet, Yoga and Jazz Choreography. Jessie studied Belly Dance with Elena Nayiri and preformed in Danza Colorado. Jessie loves learning new dance styles and finding ways to incorporate them into her own dancing. 

Jessie holds a master's degree in social work from MSU Denver.  She is passionate about teaching dance. She believes that expression through movement and music nourishes confidence, develops personal identity and broadens one's social network. 


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