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4 Week Beginner Cuban Salsa Class

 Where you learn how do dance while having fun, being in community, nurturing confidence, and broadening your social network.

This is a progressive class. Each week we will build off the previous week
so by the end you will have more confidence in your rhythm and moves!

Class size is limited to 16 people to create a comfortable learning environment where you can ask questions and get the support you need to learn and grow. 

Days: Tuesdays
Dates: September 4, 11, 18, 25
Time: 7pm-8pm
Location: A Place To B, 
1750 30th St unit 64, Boulder, CO 80301
Cost: $60-$110

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What do students say?



YOLOsalsa was established in October 2014 by Jessie Keller.


Salsa dancing has a way of nurture confidence, developing personal identity, and broadening one’s social network while also bringing joy, fun, and playfulness into your daily life.


So you can bring the energy of joy, fun and playfulness into your daily life and together we can make the world a happy, beautiful, and fun place to be.


Jessie Keller MSW,  Instructor and Director

 Jessie has been salsa dancing since August of 2004. She began her dancing career under the instruction of Joseph Snowhawk, Denver, Colorado and Eric Freeman, Boulder, CO. Midway through 2004 she began assisting Joseph with his classes. From 2005 – 2013 she assisted Eric Freeman with his group classes. Around 2007 Jessie was invited to teach the beginner class at Avalon Ballroom in Boulder.

In addition to her teaching career, Jessie is a vibrant dancer. In 2011 she performed with Salsako Dance Company, in 2013 she performed with the acclaimed salsa dancer Diana Sanchez. Jessie is well-versed in a variety of salsa styles including LA style, Cuban style, Timba, Son, Cumbia, and New York style. In terms of Latin dance styles, she dances Cha-cha, Merengue, Bachata and Regeaton. Her preferred dances are LA and Cuban style (which includes Timba, Son Boleros and Regeaton).

Throughout Jessie’s college career, she took many dance classes that influenced her salsa style and teaching. She studied African Dance, Contact Improvisation, Modern Dance, Afro-Cuban with Neri Torres of Cuba, Ballet, Jazz Choreography and Yoga. Out side of college, Jessie studied Belly Dance with Elena Nayiri. Jessie loves learning new dance styles and finding ways to incorporate them into her own dancing.

Jessie is passionate about teaching dance. She believes that movement and music nurture confidence, develops personal identity, and broaden one’s social network.