Spread The Love

Each month YOLOsalsa donates to Angelica Village. It is an organization in Denver that works with individuals and families seeking refuge from war/violence, homelessness, and other life challenges.

They believe in supporting each person’s humanity while bringing hope and healing to the world.

Why Angelica Village

First, because they are doing great work with great heart and soul and I trust that they hold each person’s humanity in the greatest esteem.

Second I personally know the founder, Renata. She and her family are the first people I met when my family moved to Colorado 20+ years ago.

We had just moved to Colorado and I was 9. My sisters and I were playing outside when three kids on bikes rode up, Renata, her sister, and her brother. They had come to welcome us into the community! As the summer progressed they showed us all the cool things about our neighborhood. They brought us to the best coffee shop, Stella’s Coffee, on Pearl St in Denver and of course the best candy shop which was on Gaylord St at the time but has since closed.

Now Renata is off sharing her divine love with the world. Some of you have even met her because, every once in a while, she comes out dancing! 🙂


If you feel inspired, check out Renata’s work by going to her website. She has many ways to get involved. See if any of them fit you. Together we can spread the love and make the world a better place!